We all want to be busier. We all want stronger practices and see more patients. But great clinicians don’t always make great marketers or business owners. We are here to help.

Marketing can be seen as 4 easy steps, we call it the
GeekEasy Steps:

Number one – Know your market – DO RESEARCH
Number two – Where are you going – DEVELOP A STRATEGY
Number three – Get active, communicate – DO MARKETING
Number four – Know what is working – MEASURE

Here are some MARKETING TIPS you can use today to increase patient demand and make a purposeful difference.


1- Ensure you have a website and that it is up-to-date
2- Have a clear “contact us” page on your website
3- Track your website stats using Google Analytics, ensure the bounce rate in low
4- Re-market to people that has been to your website, this can be done via facebook
5- Sell products on your website via an e-commerce plugin
6- Have a blog on your website, keep it up-to-date
7- Keep your website safe from hackers.


8- Make sure your facebook is active and updated regularly
9- Do not use a personal profile for your practice, use a business page
10- Have a budget to market to people in your area, target them with targeted ads
11- Make sure your “about” section has all your details
12- Don’t post generic posts, stick to your strategy. Be unique
13- Post a few times a week. Aim for quality content from your practice
14- Analyse your facebook stats, change what does not work
15- Be quick to respond to comments and messages


16- Showcase your products, team and practice on Instagram
17- Stick to your strategy
18- Be unique, don’t copy
19- Link your Instagram to your facebook page
20- Track your stats
21- Post daily
22- Use a business profile for better results
23- Market to a targeted audience
24- Use appropiate hashtags and tags relevent people


25- Perform Google Adwords for key searches
26- Ensure your website has a good SEO rating
27- Open a “My Business” account for Google Maps